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Nelsonville-York High School
1 Buckeye Dr. Nelsonville, OH 45764
Fax: 740.753.1420

Principal:  Elise Stephan
Email: elisestephan@nybucks.org

Assistant Principal: Joe Coakley
Email: joeycoakley@nybucks.org

Guidance Counselor:  Dave McGee
Email:  mr.mcgee@nybucks.org

Office Secretary:  Alice Standall
Email: ny_astandall@seovec.org

Director of Athletics: Amanda Dalton
Email: ms.dalton@nybucks.org
Phone: 740.753.6230 (Direct Line)


Nelsonville-York Middle School
3 Buckeye Dr. Nelsonville, OH 45764

Phone:  740.753.1254
Fax: 740.753.9450

Principal:  Tom Taggart
Email: tomtaggart@nybucks.org

Office Secretary:
  Christy Bunting
Email: ny_cbunting@seovec.org



Nelsonville-York Elementary School
4 Buckeye Dr.  Nelsonville, OH 45764
Fax:  740.753.6207

Principal: Becky Dalton
Email: beckydalton@nybucks.org

Assistant Principal: Nick Dettwiller
Email: nickdettwiller@nybucks.org

Office Secretaries:  Diana Bunting & Monica Huston
Email: dianabunting@nybucks.org  /  monicahuston@nybucks.org

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