HS Teacher Lesson Plan Links

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 Andrews, Michelle - Intervention Specialist - Math
 Angle, Suzanne - U.S. History, Psychology / Sociology
 Atkins, Melissa - Accounting I, II, Business, Computer Applications, Programming, Practical Comp. Skills
 Bartlett, Josh - Government / Economics
 Campbell, Melissa - Art, Adv. Drawing, Mixed Media
 Cangemi, Valerie - Anatomy, Adv. Biology I, Biology II
 Clark, Jacci - Intervention Specialist - Reading / English
 Conroy, Nick - Physical Science, Adv. Physical Science, Physics
 Covert, Sandy - Spanish I, II, III, IV
 Cox, Casey - English I, Adv. English I, English Intervention
 Dicken, Wayne - English III, Adv. English III, Teen Novel, Sports in America
 Eller, Roxanne - JH Choir, HS Choir, Adv. Choir
 Green, Kelsey - English II, Adv. English II, Creative Writing, Cultural Lit. in Modern Media
 Holley, Josh - Biology I, Chemistry I, II, Environmental Science
 Joyce, Rebecca - English IV, Adv. English IV, Publications, Drama, Public Speaking, Lit. of Holocaust
 McCoy, Debra - Child Development, Food & Fitness, Transitions, Skills for Success
 Meade, Kevin - Physical Education, Health, Weight Training
 Paris, Janice - JH Band, HS Band, Piano I, II
 Peyton, Phillip - Calculus, Geometry, Adv. Geometry, Financial Algebra
 Puia, Marae - Intervention Specialist - Science / Soc. Studies
 Ragg, Stephan - Algebra II, Adv. Algebra II, Pre-Calculus
 Starlin, Cassie - Algebra I, Adv. Algebra I, College Prep Math, Math Intervention
 Watkins, Noah - World History, Ancient Rome & Greece
 Woodburn, Josh - Wood Shop, Drafting, etc.