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Nick Dettwiller
Middle School Principal

Nick Dettwiller


        First off I want to welcome everyone back to another great year at Nelsonville-York. We have many changes

happening this year and with any change I am sure there will be anxiety and adjustments made, but I know I

am excited. I wanted to take some time and introduce myself. My name is Nick Dettwiller and I am the new

Middle School Principal. Many of you know me because I was the Assistant Principal at the Elementary

working with Mrs. Steenrod the last 3 years. I am truly missing all of the great teachers and all the little kiddos

at the elementary, but I am excited to have the opportunity to lead the Middle School as we incorporate the

6th grade teachers and students.

        So far I have been amazed with the Middle School staff they have worked incredibly hard to get this year off to

a great start. We are all working to make some changes that we think will really help our kids. We have

started a student advisory committee as well as a parent advisory committee. I have met with individuals

from both groups as well as our teachers, and these meetings will help me to guide the decisions we make for

our school in the future. If you are interested in being a part of our culture through these advisory

committees please get in touch with me.

       We will try our best at the Middle School to make sure you are informed about all the great things that are

happening in our school. We are sure to make some adjustments and changes as we make this big transition

in leadership and incorporating the 6th grade, but given the quality of facilities, teachers, and students I have

the highest expectations for not just this year, but the future at Nelsonville-York City Schools. If you have any

questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


PH: 740.753.1254
FAX: 740.753.9450


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