Hospitality Services

Program Description

This program prepares students for a variety of positions in the fast-growing food and hospitality industry. The goal of the program is to train students to secure employment and succeed in entry-level positions within the industry. This program is open only to students who qualify based on prior arrangements with our VOSE coordinator and recommendations made by the associate school counselor. Students in this program receive hands-on experiences by working through a rotation of on-premise duties that lead to off-campus training at The Inn at Hocking College, and the Southeast Ohio Regional Food Bank. Training in customer service, dining room bussing, housekeeping, laundry service, maintenance skills, table service, kitchen prep, banquet setup, cleanup and crew management are all necessary skills needed for employment. To practice their skills, students are given the opportunity to cater and assist with school recognition banquets; prepare refreshments for meetings and award presentations; and provide service for private individuals and community functions. Today’s service industry needs highly trained and motivated personnel with multiple skills and a willingness to work.


Areas of Study:

  • Safety and sanitation
  • Equipment operation
  • Food preparation
  • Room attendant
  • Laundry services
  • Facility care
  • Serving/table bussing
  • Banquet setup
  • Customer service
  • Menu development and planning
  • Hospitality services
  • Life skills

Youth Leadership Opportunities:

FCCLA (Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America)
National Vocational Technical Honor Society