Ace Digital Academy

Online Learning is available at Tri-County Career Center offering students an additional avenue to earn credits that are required for graduation. Students can make up credits in one or more of the following areas: Math, English, History, Health, Science, & Physical Education. Please talk to the guidance counselor if you are interested in online learning. 

  • Usernames for students are first inital, last name. Passwords are student specific.
    Ace Digital Academy


This syllabus is for ½ Credit of On-Line Coursework.

Math, English, Health, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education

In order to receive 1/2 credit, you must complete all assigned lessons/assessments. The first half of the course assessments are due by March 16, 2012. The second half of the course assessments are due by May 21, 2012.

You must complete all assessments with an average of 60% or higher to gain credit. If you have any problems, see Mr. Strohm (Rm 106A) during 8th period. If you fail an assessment and would like to retake it, send a message to Mr. Strohm through the Iquity site.

General Guidelines

  • Failure to complete lessons by the assigned dates will result in a grade of “F” for the course and no credit
  • You may complete lessons at your own pace
  • If you have technical difficulties, see me quickly
  • Do not fall behind
  • All tests/assignments can be found in the folder labeled "Assessments" under the CLASSROOM tab
  • You only need to complete the work listed under the "Gradebook" tab. I will only grade those assignments in the "Gradebook." Everything else is for your practice.
  • If your are enrolled PE, you must turn in to me (print it out and fill it out) the Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment material
  • Please send me questions/problems through the "Message Center" located in the "Homeroom" tab. Look up "Strohm, Michael" under teacher to find me
  • If you need me to reset a test, please include your name and the course that you are taking and the title of the assignment in your request.

Individual Questions on Lessons please see Mr. Strohm

Technical Support

For technical questions or issues, please contact the Technology Department at Tri-County.

 740.753.3511 or 800.637.6508