Board Of Education

Mrs. Tanyah Stone
Tanyah Stone
Title: Member

Committee Assignments: 

Policy - Chair, Curriculum & Instruction,  Negotiations - Certified, OSBA - Legislative Liaison

Years Lived in District: 14

Occupation: Development (Higher Education Fundraising)

Why did you choose to serve on the board?

"My husband and I have two sons that attend Nelsonville-York.  We have been so impressed with the quality of instruction and the dedication of our teachers and staff.  I wanted to do my part and give back."

What are you most proud of about Nelsonville-York City Schools?

"I love how military friendly our school is.  My husband and I both still serve in the military, and one of our favorite events in the Veterans Day assembly.  Our Nelsonville-York students, teachers, and staff make us very proud."

What was your favorite subject in school and why?

"My favorite subject was foreign language.  I can't pick one because between high school and college I studied Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Portuguese.  I love learning about the origins of words; and how the different romance languages can seem so different yet be so much alike."